A Year in Review & Happy Holidays

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Well, it’s already rapidly approaching the end of the year, and as always, we want to take a few minutes to summarize some takeaways of the year and to express our gratitude to our clients and followers. Succinctly, I can easily say that 2023 has been the best year of my life, both personally and professionally. The most obvious instance of the good in life is my marriage to Kaitlyn, after an 18 month engagement and many years of her patiently waiting for me to get every other possible thing in life in order before proposing. While we’ve just begun our world travels as partners for life, the start itself has already been a magical experience, and one not possible without your support as clients, friends, and advocates.


Yet, the professional front has also been incredible. On the personally professional end of things, I completed my doctoral comprehensive exams for my PhD in Personal Financial Planning this year which graduated me from being a PhD Student to a PhD Candidate, as well as received NAPFA’s 2023 New Professional award, which is the financial planning equivalent of winning “Rookie of the Year” and an Oscar for best actor rolled into one. This along with being elected to the Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors and accepting extended terms on the Financial Planning Association’s Executive Committee and the NAPFA West Region Board.

For the Firm

For the firm, this was also an enormous year, as year to date we saw the continuation of a five-year 28.9% compound annual growth rate in revenue and a whopping 69.13% growth in investment assets under management.* This came on top of a move to an office three times the size of our original office, which will play host to our rapidly growing team. Speaking of which, we also saw our first full-time team member, Samantha, graduate to the next great phase of her life in Austin while we were pleased to onboard our latest team member, Emily, as part of the MY Wealth Planners team. Yet, even with this turnover, another realization occurred. When our original five-year plan was designed in 2019, we expected to grow at such at a rate that perhaps by the end of 2024, we might stretch to add one more team member. Yet, as we’ve grown year-over-year at a pace far exceeding expectations, we’re delighted to say that MY Wealth Planners will be a four person team by the end of 2024, and likely will continue to grow its team rapidly in the years to come. With that in mind, we’re pleased to tease at our first hire of 2024, a Financial Planning Analyst with four years of experience who will be joining us in Q2, followed by a new Financial Planning Assistant in Q3 who will back-fill as Emily is anticipated to promote to the role of Associate Financial Planner. We will keep you all posted as the firm continues to grow its team, so you can be sure to receive the high quality of service you’ve come to expect from the right people at the right time.

Happy Holidays

We look forward to continuing to serve as your partners both personally and in our community on the path to building and maintaining the wealth needed to live your best life. Until we see you in the new year, please be well, take the time to cherish those who bring fulfillment and joy to your lives, and have wonderful holidays!

*Much as we would love to claim that 69.13% is the return on investment, 20.48% was from investment returns, while the remaining 48.65% was from new investment assets from both new and existing clients. The year-to-date asset-weighted return of our client’s assets under management has been 16.33%, which varies dramatically based on individual client asset allocation and the duration of each investment.

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  1. Your words are rosy – nice to hear during this era of fear that permeates the media and has leaked into my friends. And while your financial bottom line has been sky rocketing, my personal finances have been dragging behind – however, things are looking up again and for that I am grateful.
    I wish for you and Kaitlyn and the rest of us a prosperous and upbeat season and 2024.

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