B Corp & Our Values

MY Wealth Planners® is a Certified B Corporation, with an organizational mandate to engage in stakeholder governance, considering the impact of all decisions on employees, clients, the community, and environment. In the interest of serving this mandate, MY Wealth Planners® maintains a set of values that guides its professional conduct, procedures, and services offered to clients. Additionally, all planers adhere to a strict code of ethics that we believe reflects the best practices and interests of our clients.

Selfless Service

That we are nothing without the community we surround ourselves with, and in that light, we must live and work to serve others.

  • We will volunteer no less than 100 hours a year for non-profit organizations
  • We will readily provide pro bono assistance to non-profit organizations and low income individuals
  • We will place the needs of our community ahead of our own when presented with the question of where we can do the greatest good


At the core of who a person is, is the question of what they will do when there are no consequences to their actions. We choose to work with and serve only those who can answer this question honestly and adhere to the principles it inscribes.

  • That our professional conduct and recommendations for clients are beyond question
  • That we will separate what is right from what is wrong
  • We will always act accordingly to what we know to be right, even at personal cost
  • We will act consistently with these principles, not just with what might work at the moment


Just as we are nothing without the community we surround ourselves with, we are privileged to serve our community, and as such owe it a duty of loyalty beyond all others.

  • That we treat every client under the Fiduciary Standard and act as a Steward to them, meaning that we act in their best interest with a duty of loyalty and care
  • We will adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct set forth by the CFP® Board, The American College, and The Center for Fiduciary Studies
  • We will refer clients to alternate ethical and competent professionals when we believe there is a conflict of interest, whether real or perceived
  • We will place our clients' interests before our own and will disclose any material information that may give the client reason to question our recommendations or advice

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