The Market is on Sale

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Good news! The market is on sale. Why do I view it so optimistically when the average news report makes it sound like the world is ending? Well, a bit of context is required. My first year as a financial planner was an interesting one. Within a year we had Chinese market volatility, the first big drop in the preceding …

Taking the Leap Ep. 3 – Michael Pharris, CPA

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Interview with Michael Pharris, CPA. Today we discuss: How a tax return represents the culmination of a year of planning A career in every corner of the accounting world That Tax Planning is not a seasonal exercise but a year-long process How a skilled tax professional more than covers their cost in a combination of planning, tax reduction, and risk …

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

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Welcome! Today’s reading covers how recently someone chose to give up $933,353 over $84,735. Interested? Read on! Recently I set up a Retirement Plan for a medical practice. With over a dozen team members, the practice had utilized a 401(k) plan up to the present day that was structured more like a traditional pension, i.e. where everyone’s money goes into …

Taking the Leap Ep. 2 – Steven South

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Interview with Steven South, founder and CEO of LSE Builders Group. Today we discuss: Building professional skills via experience over education Breaking into a competitive market with high barriers to entry The difficulties and process behind commercial real estate development Advice for dealing with the challenges of growing a business to several million in revenue within a short period of …

Taking the Leap Ep. 1 – Dr. Chris McGilvray

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Interview with Dr. Chris McGilvray, DM. Today we discuss: Running and operating a brick and mortar business Being a research practitioner How to balance multiple boards, a full-time job, and a full-time business, on top of being a parent Observations and advice for pursuing multiple professional goals simultaneously

Alphabet Soup – Professional Designations

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What? There are too many letters after my name? I don’t see how my full list of professional degrees and professional designations are an issue! So what if my name is Daniel M. Yerger Masters of Business Administration Certified Financial Planner Chartered Financial Consultant Accredited Investment Fiduciary Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. …Okay you might have a point. But seriously, all …

What does Fee Only mean for you?

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Big question, loaded question, a lotta people ask me that question. (Ten points if you get the reference.) Back in August of 2018, I wrote a piece called “In the Trenches”, talking about how the talking heads of financial planning got together and decided that financial planning itself wasn’t enough, but that the future of financial planners lay in being …

We Have a New Name

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Big news, or old news, depending on where you sit, but we’ve changed our name to MY Wealth Planners™. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Dan, didn’t we already see something about this last year?” You did, but there’s a big difference underneath. Last year when we adjusted the name of my financial planning practice, we were effectively operating as …