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Enter your assets, the value of everything you own; and liabilities, the value of all debts, into our calculator to receive an estimate of your annual and monthly fee for wealth planning.

Annual Advisor Fee

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Estimated Advisor Value*

Study Quantifying Advisor Value Quantified Advisor Value Estimated Value of a Financial Planner For You in One Year Estimated Value of a Financial Planner For You in Five Years Estimated Value of a Financial Planner For You in Ten Years
Envestnet Capital Sigma 2.93% Annually
Morningstar Gamma 1.59% Annually
Russell Value of an Advisor 4.83% Annually
Vanguard Advisor Alpha 3.00% Annually
Vanguard Human Advice 5.00% Annually
Wealth Planning and Employee Compensation Consulting are separate services with separate fees. We are happy to offer some or all of them to our clients. The minimum monthly fee for Wealth Planning is $350.

Quoted on a project-specific basis for compensation consulting. Employee retirement plan fiduciary services offered at an annual fee of 0.12%-0.50% of plan assets. 

This is a specialization within financial planning, and does not incur any additional fee. 

* Estimates of advisor value rely upon the empirical findings of the studies shown above, and reflect the estimated compounding value of financial planning as performed by a competent financial planner over time. Estimates are before fees and expenses, as the studies reflect only the benefit upon assets that are advised upon by competent financial planners, and cannot uniquely reflect liabilities or circumstances of each individual engaging in financial planning, nor can they accurately account for the unique goals of every individual. Everyone’s financial plan is different, and results will vary. The table is for educational purposes only, and is provided to give you an understanding of the value you may receive through financial planning, though your results will vary. MY Wealth Planners does not guarantee, nor can it guarantee, the individual accuracy of the estimates provided.