Divorce Financial Analysis


Often Divorce can conjure thoughts of bickering spouses, vicious fights over custody, and the ever famous claim that someone “got taken” in their divorce. However, most states clearly stipulate that property that was separate before marriage is still the individual spouse’s property, and property and wealth accumulated during marriage is to be split equitably. So how is it that people “get taken”? Well, it usually has to do with compromises that seem fair on paper. “I’ll take the $400,000 of equity in the house and to pay for it, you can have $400,000 of my retirement plan. Sounds fair, right?” Well, that’s wrong. The $400,000 in the retirement plan is likely subject to full state and federal income taxes, whereas the home might not only have the $400,000 in equity, but also carry numerous tax benefits.

By working with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® you can ensure that your divorce is equitable, providing a fair and statistically backed model for the division of assets that leaves everyone as whole as possible and with minimal conflict. We can provide support for collaborative divorces, assisting both spouses in finding a balance division of assets, or with adversarial divorces, helping ensure you receive what is fair.

“Equitable is not equal. Equitable is fair.”
The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts

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